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Cottage Leveling and Structural Repair.

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Proudly serving Ottawa, Smith Falls, Perth and surrounding areas.
When it comes to your foundation, nothing but the best will do.

Serving homeowners in the Ottawa and surrounding area for more than 20 years.

If you have seen cracking floors or walls, sticking doors and windows, and uneven surfaces in your home, you could have a foundation heave problem. Foundation heave occurs when a foundation or concrete slab is forced upward by the expansion of soils underneath.

This process creates a number of issues in a home, and it can lead to very severe damage. The foundation experts at LEVELIT can repair your foundation problems and ensure that your cottage is structurally sound.

Foundation repair and leveling

We're here to fix your cottage foundation problem.

We are a fully insured, family-owned business that specializes in cottage leveling and cottage structural foundation repair services.

Cottage Leveling

We fix foundation settlement and leveling issues by installing steel, concrete or helical foundation piers.

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Cottage Raising

If your home does not have a basement, or if it has a crawl space that you would like to change into a basement, we can safely "raise" it and construct a new foundation and full basement.

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Foundation & Structural Repairs

If you'd like a permanent solution for your crawl space issues or any other foundation problem, we're ready to help you. We offer reliable crawl space structural repair quotes to homeowners in the Ontario area.

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We're proud to serve Ottawa, Smiths Falls, Perth and the surrounding areas!

We'll introduce you to one of our foundation specialists, who can answer any questions you have.

We can construct full basements, crawlspaces and other projects, depending on your needs. We do all of our own excavating and concrete work, providing you with excellent quality and customer service for the duration of the job.

To get you started on the right foot, we'd like to provide you with a free foundation repair quote.

What we do

  • Level cottages & outbuildings
  • Raise cottages and homes
  • Install Piers and block basements
  • Foundation repairs, Wet Basements, Cracked walls, etc
  • Full cottage demo
  • French drains, cures water problems
  • Landscaping
  • Retaining walls Rock and Timber
  • Hydro and water trenching
  • Bob Cat & Mini Excavator services
  • Clear building lots


When it comes to your cottage, nothing but the best will do. We're confident there's no company more qualified to repair your cottage foundation issues than LEVELIT.


We want to build our business by giving you the best value for your hard-earned dollars. We won't guarantee you the lowest price. But we will guarantee the work is being done right.

Customer Service.

We have developed customer service and warranty programs that are among the best in the industry. Our customers come first and we constantly accept and learn from client feedback.

What our clients say

"My experience with LEVELIT was a great one overall. peter came in and new exactly how to fix our cottage foundation which was about to cave in."

Joe B.
Great overall experience